Our Philosophy

At Natural Swimming Pools we strive to:

Bespoke Design

From The Beginning

We work with you to discuss how we can assist to bring your dreams into the reality of your bespoke pool design.

*Complete Construction of project,Design/Consult/Construct,organising engineer/council and warranty insurance supply and install Biotop equipment.

*DIY Kit,Design/Consult supply Biotop Equipment.


Construction Phase

The excavation work and construction of the pool will be conducted by our highly skilled Natural Swimming Pools Australia team according to our agreed pre-approved schedule. This includes all of the steps required to install the technical equipment in the construction phase. After completing construction of the pool, full testing of the technical equipment is undertaken to enable you to enjoy your pool as soon as possible. 


Swimming Phase 

Following the initial construction phase and further consultation in relation to your Natural or Living Pool we will provide you with complete instructions outlining how to operate your pool. Natural Swimming Pools Australia will always be available to discuss any questions you may have along the way as we believe in long lasting partnerships with our clients. 

Our Partners

Our Customers

"The team at Natural Swim Pools is friendly and informative, caring deeply about their products. We found the process of designing and building our natural pool to be exciting and innovative, with new ideas being executed. The pool once completed is truly breathtakingly beautiful and a pleasure to look at and swim in. The journey of looking after and nurturing the bio-zone is just beginning, but the frog, which has taken up residence, reminds us daily (with its' croak) that caring for the pool and the bio-zone has rewards not only for us, but also for the environment around it".
Kim and Lawrence Grant-Woolley,South Australia