Frequently Asked Questions

How is the water treated and will there be algae?

The water is treated biologically,without the use of chlorine and chemicals.The water passes thought the sand filter beds,where aerobic and anaerobic bacteria live ready to attack single cell algae.The regeneration zone has plants that feed on the nutrients,starving the food source that algae live off. Algae is not harmful and is a naturally occurring fact,just like in nature.

Do your natural pools work in Australia's warm climate?

Yes 100% they do - By specific planning and the use of BIOTOPS latest technology,we are able to give amazing water quality to all our pools....

Can you heat our natural pools?

Yes - our pools can be heated up to 26c.

Should the builder be licensed and do i need fence/building and or planning permit for my Natural Swimming Pool/Pond?

Yes to all - and buyer beware,the fact remains we have these amazing Natural Swimming Pool/Pond for that exact reason to "swim in" ...If your Natural Swimming Pool/Pond isn't constructed by a licensed builder or it doesn't comply with Australian standards your putting yourself in a venerable position. We are licensed in NSW,Victoria and South Australia.All our pools are constructed to engineer specks and built to local council and Australian building codes. All our fences comply to Australian standards 1926-6

What about mosquitoes ?

In the designing of our pools we creating moving water.Mosquitoes dont breed in moving water.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Natural Pool - Yes,depending on your expectations these pools are like a under water garden,the use of a robotic cleaner in the swim zone is recommend.The cleaning of skimmers, and the occasional back washing of the Phostec Filter.Water garden maintenance is necessary in spring and autumn,removing dead leaves and any bio-mass thats in the regeneration zones. Living Pool - These pools require the least amount of maintenance of any type of swimming pool...The skimmer needs cleaning and a backwash cycle occasionally is required to the Phostec Filter.

Do these pools cost more than tradition pools and what options do i have?

Yes,these pools are at the higher end of the swimming pool price bracket. Depending on where your situated we can offer a few options. 1.Full design and construction of the project. 2.Consultation,design and the supply of BIOTOPS technical equipment. 3.Converting an existing chlorine swimming pool into a Natural Swimming Pool.

Do we build or convert dams into Natural Pools